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Keynotes don’t have to be boring.
In fact, we insist that they aren’t. We focus on delivering messages that inspire your audience, and help them to apply the concepts to their own lives immediately. You're not going to find polished ted-talks here. Instead you're going to find fun, engaging topics that bring your audience in, read the room, and be open to where the conversations take us. 

We love that we don't have to sacrifice fun for learning. We've honed the ability to get your audience laughing, while challenging them to think, get curious, and act. 

The tea on what people are saying

It's piping hot. Don't take our word for it though...
She pulled the entire room together through shared experience and was even able to adapt her presentation with a nod to prior speaker. Brandi is extremely likeable, credible and fun.
Her message was extremely well delivered through almost a stand-up comic routine. She got the whole room talking about her topic, and even got a standing ovation before she was even done talking.
She was funny, real, and a great speaker. Very impressed!

Add Brandi Spurling to your next event:

A self-described steward of information and a facilitator of connection and conversation, Brandi delivers hard-hitting workplace topics with light and laughter. She brings years of experience working as a Learning & Development Specialist, a Master’s in Strategic Leadership, and, oddly enough, improv training. She’ll have the whole room laughing while dropping knowledge to enhance your team’s professional development. 

BONUS: She was born and raised in the midwest, and currrently hails in Columbia, MO, making any roadtrip or quick flight a worth-it delight. There's hardly anywhere she won't go for the right fit. (Ok, maybe that's a stretch, but you get the picture).
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Pivoting with People

An improv leadership keynote to help your leaders connect with their people

Generation Conversation

Creating understanding through generational differences.

Fraud to Friend

Trusting yourself through imposter syndrome.

Leading Through Culture

Create the culture people want to work in, starting with you as their leader.

Just For Fun

We don't have to sacrifice learning for fun. Tie the topic of your choice to a team-building activity

Let’s give your audience something to think about.

The workplace is constantly changing. And so are the people. While we have years of experience in training and development, we keep our ears to the ground to ensure we can help you cultivate teams to meet the challenges of the changing workplace. We’d love to talk to you more about your event and see how we can collaborate together.
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