Investing in your people starts with investing in yourself.

Sure, there’s lots of ideas and leadership theories, but no leadership blueprint that’s printed on fancy paper, from a printer that probably never runs out of toner.

What if instead the blueprint came from investing in yourself, growing your people-skills, and finding your own path to effective leadership.

Enter Sage Skills Lab: The Leadership Academy.

Your leadership handbook delivered in the form of bite-size, self-paced courses designed to help you and your people grow.
After getting my Masters in Strategic Leadership, reading nearly every leadership book there is to read, and diving into the experiences of leaders across the country through workshops and keynotes, there’s something I've noticed. 

Becoming a better leader is pretty simple: it’s just becoming a better version of yourself.

That’s why I created this academy. I wanted to develop a space where leaders could take their growth into their own hands with bite-sized, self-paced learning at their fingertips. But be prepared. We don’t take ourselves too seriously with these courses. They’re designed to make you laugh, make you think, and get your wheels turning. Because somewhere along the way someone told adults that learning had to feel academic, stuffy. That’s not us. I’m glad you’re here– I hope you stick around. Welcome to Sage Skills Lab: The Leadership Academy.
What you get:
$99 for the first three months
then $87 per month

Academy Courses

Access to the full Leadership Academy courses, with new courses available monthly.

Live Workshops

Access to one virtual live workshop each month with Brandi and fellow leaders across the country.

New Tools

Monthly leadership tools, team buildings, and tactics to grow the culture of your team.

We stop growing when we stop learning.

The Leadership Academy is for:

Seasoned leaders looking to refine their skills and lead the way their team needs.

New leaders looking to build their dictionary and toolbox with easily actionable topics.

New leaders looking to build their dictionary and toolbox with easily actionable topics.

Business is changing, the world is shifting, and people are people-ing. The best leaders walk beside their teams, and are constantly expanding their perspectives to fit the need. The need is calling, and The Leadership Academy is here to help you answer. 

Working hard for something we don't care about is called stress. Working hard for something we love is called passion. Start your 2024 with passion.

Meet Your Instructor

brandi sPurling
founder & head human of Sage Culture Co.
Brandi trains and works with leaders across the country as they build and grow their team cultures. She leans on her Masters of Science in Leadership + years in the corporate learning and development world to craft and build courses built for that are easy to understand and inspire action on the other side. Her goal is to make learning accessible for leaders looking to invest in themselves, their team, and their culture.


No worries! The training will be recorded and available in the Leadership Academy for replay.
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