Hey Leaders! Vacation Matters.

Published April 08, 2023

Oh, hey, it's spring break in Missouri, which means summer vacations are right around the corner. You know what's a home run? When our leaders really encourage us to take vacations, and they don't penalize us for it. You wanna know what's a grand slam? When they encourage us, don't penalize us for taking it, AND they take vacations themselves. (insert mind blown emoji). That's some major congruency, right? Our leader is walking the walk and talking the talk. They think it's important for us to take vacations so much so that they're taking them themselves.

When leaders take vacation a few things happen:

  1. They're invertedly telling their teams that they know the office and work continue on without them there. That they trust the team to carry the work on.
  2. The team has the opportunity to step up to the plate.

So you're ready to take your vacation, and now you're wondering what your role is while you're out? Drum roll please...

You're role is to BE ON VACATION. You're trusting your team to step up to the plate and carry on business without you. That means, you have to let them do it. Do not check your email on vacation. Please don't. Because if you're checking your email while on your vacation, and you're my leader now you're telling me that you think I need to check my email while I'm on vacation.

It's so important for you to realize it's not only about the words that you're saying, but the action you're doing. We need our leaders to walk the walk and talk the talk, and this is the perfect opportunity to do so. Take your vacations, walk out the door, don't check your email, and empower your teams to step up to the plate.

What are you still doing here? Go book your vacation.