bring teams together through your content

Turn your ideas into actionable training & content for companies, HR, and leaders

Make your ideas, stories and concepts do more.

We're masters of bringing ideas, concepts and stories together to create action. We partner with ideators and visionaries like you who have ideas to turn into keynotes, have books to turn into trainings, or have presentations that they're looking to level-up. 

We help you to get out of your own head and onto paper, while validating and encouraging you along the way. After standing in front of over 250 audiences, we understand learners and know how to help you engage them.
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Keynote Consultation

Bring your ideas together into an inspiring keynote.

Workshop Consultation

Transform your books, keynotes, and concepts into actionable workshops.

Online Course Creation

Convert your book, keynote, or ideas into interactive online courses.

Together, we'll create content & training that:

Captures attention and inspires change
Leverages your stories to create connection with learners
Simplifies your ideas (without watering them down) so teams can put them into practice

A Peak into Keynote Consultations:


You’ll meet with us to discuss your content and ideas.


We ask questions to spark stories, ideas, and connections while taking an enormous amount of notes.


We bring all of your notes together into a detailed outline or script for you to review.


Voila! We meet, discuss and make tweaks. Then you're off to practicing! 

Ready to build your content?

Let’s make your ideas do more!
Our ideas about the workplace often go against the “norm.” But, like you, we are passionate about bringing teams together and transforming workplaces into modern, healthy, human-first cultures. You’ve got the content, and we know training. We’re ready to start looking at the pieces and see how they connect.
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