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To hat or not to hat? The generational differences dilemma.

You're preparing for a meeting with a client. You're gathering your notes, questions, and ideas; maybe you even do a little test run of your camera to make sure nothing is visible in the background of your incoming virtual encounter. You're a Gen Xer which means you're nothing if not prepared, professional, and ready to […]
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We all Scream for Icebreakers

We've all heard the term icebreakers and probably cringe a little bit because we've sat in the rooms where we've had to conjure up one interesting thing about ourselves and probably hated every minute of it. In the process of despising icebreakers, we lost sight of what they can do for us. I'm here to […]
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So you're ready to rage apply? Save yourself and do these things first!

We've all been there. You've had the last straw of your bosses lack of communication, transparency, or direction; you don't feel valued for the work you've been pouring your energy into; or maybe you're just not vibing with the job anymore. Either way, rage applying (or rage quitting) is seldom the answer, and we're here […]
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Trusting Yourself Through Imposter Syndrome

Imposter syndrome is so wild! The idea that somehow this success or opportunity that I'm experiencing is attributed to luck, change, favor… something other than my own successes, skills, and performance. A fear of not only belonging, but also the belief that other people also believe you don’t belong, and that if they don’t, they’re […]
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Hey Leaders! Vacation Matters.

Oh, hey, it's spring break in Missouri, which means summer vacations are right around the corner. You know what's a home run? When our leaders really encourage us to take vacations, and they don't penalize us for it. You wanna know what's a grand slam? When they encourage us, don't penalize us for taking it, […]
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Remember This Before You Give Feedback.

There's a reason feedback is hard. Consider these tips before giving feedback to your team.
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Lead The Way They Need: Find The Best Leadership Style For Your Team

There are a lot of leadership analogies out there, but how many of them start with “banana bread”? As a millennial business owner, if I'm being completely honest, it made sense to add the one word that I know how to spell best into a leadership concept. Leadership is B A N A N A […]
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